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Bringing Innovation to Business Interruption Claims

Lowers Forensics makes small work of claims using the power of our proprietary AI-driven modeling software. Insurance companies can save significant money while resting assured their BI claims are handled quickly and accurately.

Customized for your process.
Benefit from a fully customizable, scalable solution that can adapt to any product line and any portfolio. No more bottlenecks. No more templates. Just the solution you’ve been looking for.
Resolve claims quickly.
Resolve BI claims with unprecedented speed and accuracy thanks to AI-powered Stratis, managed by our experienced forensic accountants.
enhance customer experience
Enhance the customer experience.
Control and dramatically cut the costs associated with BI claims while delivering the rapid service and accuracy your customers demand.

Get to Know Stratis

Stratis is the engine behind our BI claims accounting service.

Using machine learning and built-in algorithms, Stratis catches red flags and generates accurate calculations that are verified by expert forensic accountants and reviewed by top-level executives. Adaptable to any product line and any portfolio, Stratis is the most advanced claims accounting tool available.

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