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Globally trusted forensic accounting services.

Combining nearly 50 years of industry excellence and leadership, clients worldwide have trusted our forensic accounting experts to provide insurance claims accounting, litigation support, and expert testimony.

Bringing clarity to complexity.

Going beyond what you would expect from an accounting firm, the Lowers Forensics team consists of financial investigators skilled in the art and science of transforming complex financial information into clear evidence.

Issues we address:
  • Insurance claims accounting
  • Fraud and corruption
  • Complex litigation
  • Business disputes
  • Economic damages
Service Areas

The unpredictable and devastating impacts of losses and catastrophic events require a timely and specific response. Our independent and objective forensic accountants understand the delicate balance between crisis, relationships, accuracy and timeliness when addressing matters that arise during Property and Casualty claims adjustment. Our team brings extensive experience to property, fidelity, liability, and casualty insurance matters worldwide.


We specialize in financial valuation, investigation, validation, and measurement. Our forensic accounting professionals can help determine causes of internal control and compliance failures and design stronger internal controls for implementation. Our team is well versed in matters such as breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and business valuation. We use financial evidence to support our position and bring resolution in matters such as litigation, mediations, and arbitrations.


Our forensic accounting professionals are able to address the complex challenges facing the specie markets, including cargo, jewelry, cash, transit, and pawnbroking. We are skilled in assessing inventory movement, valuing jewelry, art, cash or other insured valuables throughout the world.


Expeditious expertise in the face of conflict: Litigation can be costly. Our forensic accounting professionals endeavor to bring timely and thoughtful means of equitable mediation, dispute resolution and settlement to the table for all stakeholders, and before the triers of fact. Our professionals have vast experience providing expert witness testimony.


From the most traditional resources and processes to the newest alternatives, our professionals have extensive experience and demonstrated leadership in all areas of energy production and sales, including: extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution.

Cyber Loss

Lowers Forensics professionals are experienced and skilled in measuring cyber losses and business interruption losses. We provide vital litigation support with the testimony and evidence you need to build a strong case.